Michel Beaupré, UDB candidate for the Morlaix constituency

Michel Beaupré left the national school and turned into selling wines from the Nantes region. He coached at IUFM in Nantes and has lived in Morlaix for several years. He is a candidate in the 4th constituency of Finistère.

What was your political background? Why did you decide to join UDB?

Originally, from the age of 18, I sympathized with the fight against the Pellerin and Plogoff power plants. The social struggles in Brittany have alerted me to Brittany’s nausea. My “professional transfer” from the Côtes du Nord in September 1989 to the Loire Atlantique laid the foundations for my transition from a sympathizer to an active UDB militant.

After participating in the municipal elections at Pornic in 1995, I had the great pleasure of being a UDB candidate in 2001 as a “Saint Nazer candidate in Brittany”. I have also taken part in many demonstrations organized for reunification.

Since 2018, I have been involved in the relaunch of the UDB section in the Pays de Morlaix and the Monts d’Arrée: I presented myself in the municipal elections in Morlaix in 2019, in the departmental and regional elections in 2021.

For me, UDB is another policy vision: federalism, regional autonomy, recognition of regional identities and languages, ecology, solidarity, openness to youth and the world. We are a small party that thinks, designs, manufactures. Often also copied! At the moment, we cannot be convinced enough that the keys are here and the castle in Paris. I do not despair!

How do you view the presidential elections that have just taken place?

The 5th Republic is out of breath and must recover quickly in an attempt to correct the sclerosis that characterizes the country. We have the impression that the French citizen is formatted to wait for every presidential election, the savior, the famous “supreme being” presented at the time of the revolution, and that we will find future prime ministers among some supporters of the left. Minister. To believe that cutting off the king’s head has left a void that they must unconditionally fill so that people do not take matters into their own hands.

What are your priorities for action? Why?

Forgotten or even despised youth, gender equality, decent housing for all, the revitalization of the secondary lines of the Breton railway network, medical deserts (we want to experiment with the bonus-malus system in force in Quebec), there is a climate emergency …

Which subjects are especially close to you?

Youth. I was one of those who were proud to have seen Alvan and Ahez represent France at Eurovision. Pride in Breton youth, pride in Breton language and culture. What a stupid thing to see a Breton song representing France. We congratulate this new generation on the appropriation of a singing, musical and clothing heritage that demonstrates the vitality of the languages ​​of Brittany, our culture, as the Bagad of Vannes has already shown, during the “France has incredible talent” program. , take into account, help, but what a beautiful symbol of dynamism and possible success cited examples.

I am also concerned about equality between men and women: it is a real sea serpent that needs to find a solution quickly. Especially at the level of salaries: “for equal work, equal pay” seems to me like a relentless logic.

In terms of logic, the right to decent housing for all. With this main idea: proper housing takes precedence over the luxury of having a few. The issue of housing for seasonal workers in coastal and mountainous areas is probably even more important in Brittany than elsewhere.

But also to move towards a healthier and more respectful life in nature with the support of the most disadvantaged in the necessary ecological transition, to implement a real sea policy or even to fight green algae by supporting the transition to agriculture. -terminal provider of well-paid jobs. To this end, agricultural aid needs to be reoriented.

As I live in Morlaix, I am also in favor of reviving the secondary railway lines, especially the Morlaix-Roscoff line, which could have a significant recovery in terms of passengers and freight if we want to look at its development potential objectively.

And finally the reunification of Brittany. 105,000 people and elected representatives have called for a referendum on the issue in the Loire Atlantique; have not been heard, which is a denial of democracy. However, this does not pay attention to the state, nor to the political formations of the right or the left in parliament. The unification of Brittany is not just about the Loire-Atlantique, but represents a possible rebalancing of the historic territory of Brittany. The issue therefore needs to be addressed at departmental level 5.

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