Learn how to apply for a pension on-line and keep away from errors

Do you retire in 4 to 6 months? So it’s time to apply for a pension … The first thing to remember: the moment you make your wish. On average, it is advisable to do so 6 months before the required departure date. Because remember, you choose when you retire. And be careful, if you have worked abroad, it is better to leave a little freedom, because the deadlines for obtaining certain documents may approach one year. Here are some tips to sign up online.

You are now in front of your screen so that you can apply online, which you can submit on the website of your pension fund or on the page that groups all the plans: info-retraite.fr. You will join a retirement account that you may have already created using your connection IDs for France (for example, your social security number). If you have taken the time to gather all the necessary documents in advance, this process should take a total of 20 minutes.

The first screen shows your contact details: marital status, birth number, address, telephone number and e-mail address. The data is already pre-filled, it’s up to you to check for errors. “Pay special attention to your e-mail address, as this contact is used to send notifications about the progress of your application,” warns Stéphane Bonnet, director of the Union Retraite, which brings together all mandatory pension schemes. Another point of vigilance: your number of children. Pension funds are not aware of this information, which is nevertheless crucial in calculating the pension. Retirement quarters are provided “free of charge” for the birth and education of a child.

Review all the plans you have contributed to

After completing and verifying this information about your marital status, the second step concerns the pension plans to which you have contributed. “This is an important step because this service restores all the rights you have gained from your career plans for your career plans,” explains Stéphane Bonnet. The plans to which you have acquired rights are already checked in advance. So you don’t have to do anything, just make sure all the schemes you’ve contributed to are displayed. If not, contact the missing pension fund directly.

If you decide to uncheck one of the schemes, the pension in question will not be canceled and you will not receive it. If you find that you have unchecked the box by mistake after closing your pension application, you will need to submit an additional application in the relevant system. “You are not interested in ticking the boxes, there are no objective reasons for this, because in this case there is no application for liquidation. The pension fund will not receive an application for retirement. The file will only receive the scheme for which the box is checked, “the director points out.

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List all supporting documents

The third step in your online application is to provide several supporting documents to process your file. The documents required depend on your situation and the specificities of the pension schemes you have been enrolled in. For example, if you have children, you will be asked for a copy of your family brochure. You will also need to provide your tax return, which is necessary to determine your General Social Contribution (CSG) rate. If you do not provide it despite the treasury reminders, the highest rate of 8.3% will apply to you. You will also need to provide RIB systematically. All pensions will be paid to this account.

In addition to this common block of documents to be provided, others may be requested from you, more specifically if the plans are not known. For example, if you have received unemployment benefits during your career, you will need to provide confirmation from Pôle Emploi to confirm these quarters. On average, a dozen documents are required of you.

Consider draft mode

Even if you prepare these documents in advance, you may not have them all when you apply for a pension online. However, this situation should not prevent you from executing your request. In particular, you can use the draft mode, which offers you the opportunity to save your application for 90 days and complete it when you receive the missing supporting documents. You can then complete the process even if you do not have all the necessary supporting documents. After you submit your file, each schema will download it and ask you again for the missing supporting document.

The last step in online retirement applications, summary. Take time again to check all the information and then confirm it. Your claim for liquidation will then go to each of the pension schemes to which you have contributed. If, after confirming the liquidation, you realize that you have made a mistake, the only solution is to contact the scheme directly. Cancellation or correction is not possible.

It’s done, your retirement application will be sent to each of your plans. In those for whom you have worked for a short time, the liquidation is almost automatic, you do not need to take any new steps to obtain this pension. In plans where you have a long period of activity, a manager will contact you to check that nothing has been forgotten when considering your career. Any new supporting documents can be requested at this time.

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