In a right-wing and macronized constituency, Bruno Studer should show that he deserves to be re-elected

The former bastion of the right, clearly macronized for five years, constituency 3 must decide whether to give a mandate to Bruno Studer. La Nupes is an outsider, but he is trying to adjust the focus of the sector.

The districts of Robertsau and Cronenbourg in Strasbourg, the popular villages of Schiltigheim, Bischheim, Hoenheim and further north the two peaceful towns of Souffelweyersheim and Reichstett. Welcome to Bas-Rhin 3rd District, where outgoing majority MP Bruno Studer is seeking re-election. Unlike the other two constituencies in Strasbourg, Emmanuel Macron scored slightly better in the first round of the presidential election than Jean-Luc Mélenchon (30.7% vs. 29.2%).

After 20 years on the right, a macronist outburst

Since 1997, the right has ruled there with four consecutive terms, André Schneider. But in 2017, the “En Marche” wave broke this series and won with a big lead (59.77%) against the right. LR’s then-candidate, Reichstett Mayor Georges Schuler, has since become a supporter of Emmanuel Macron. The whole symbol of the local right, which is macronizing … The mayor of Bischheim, Jean-Louis Hoerlé, marked as LR, has announced that he will elect Bruno Studer in the first round.

But in 2022, Bruno Studer will have to be on the left. United thanks to the New Popular Ecologist and Social Union (Nupes), the left has a great chance of getting into the second round. Since 2017, the left has anchored itself and structured itself in Schiltighheim by winning (twice) the municipal elections. As everywhere in France, the challenge for the Nupes will be to mobilize the popular and young voter who elected Jean-Luc Mélenchon during the presidential election.

Bruno Studer, Sebastien Mas and Imene Sfaxi. (submitted documents)

Multiple causes of Bruno Studer

Outgoing LREM (Renaissance) representative Bruno Studer acknowledges that the fight in 2022 will be more difficult than in 2017:

“5 years ago, we only campaigned on one project. This time it’s also a balance sheet, we have something to lose. There is a collective but also a personal assessment of the laws I have brought and their application. »

Bruno Studer, almost a newcomer to politics, has invested in many topics: the fight against false news, urban families, bugs or even child influencers, “whose enforcement decree appeared there in a few weeks.” Without this total investment, the solution to these problems. “The law is never miraculous,” he admits clearly.

However, these are arguments against the criticism of the “Playmobile members” faced by the marchers, namely that they voted for everything the government asked of them. “The government has ordered the extension of the abortion period. Sometimes a balance of power is created, “replied Bruno Studer as a counterexample. “There are many internal debates, but when arbitrations win or lose, there is group discipline. We fought hard to keep the classes open when there was strong political pressure to close them. »

Studer no longer wants to rhyme with Blanquer

Because beyond these laws, which had little effect on the five-year term, Bruno Studer was primarily chairman of the National Assembly’s Committee on Education and Culture. He had to work hard on this most political and burning topic and defend the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer. The non-renewal of the latter and the appointment of Pope N’Diaye was interpreted as a distancing from the Élysée and a change of course.

Will it affect the future of Bruno Studer? In this context, the Member oscillates between support but also distancing himself from the former minister:

“Duplication of classes in Rep and Rep + is bearing fruit, no one is criticizing it. In my constituency, there are 600 fewer pupils and one post more at the beginning of next school year. The Bac reform remains interesting, but it has hit Covid and things need to be reconsidered. However, if everything was perfect, we would not have the current recruitment problems. In vacant positions, the problem is not the resources for education, but the attractiveness of the profession. This is a project that needs to be implemented urgently and that I want to follow closely. I also opposed the Minister on the issue of regional languages. »

Bruno Studer says he doesn’t know Pape N’Diaye “especially” and, like many, he’s curious about the content of his first speeches.

Throughout his mandate, Bruno Studer pushed for, in particular through public meetings twice a year in the municipalities of his constituency, to defend his record and the record of the presidential majority. A regular and physical presence that could be useful for mobilizing voters in a stagnant campaign, where turnout is expected as in 2017. So Bruno Studer has not made any major mistakes in five years. From a more local point of view, he can only be blamed for not doing anything against closing the Strasbourg branch of FIP radio (unlike Marcheur Alain Fontanel, a candidate in the neighboring constituency), but it is a thing that shakes the election. ? “I was honest and transparent, I fought for more cultural programs on France Bleu and maintaining France 4,” he defends.

67-3, barometer of the French elections?

Already as a substitute for rebel France in 2017, candidate Nupes will have to refuel his voters to have a chance. Sébastien Mas believes that this constituency will be a thermometer of the national trend:

“If I am elected, it will definitely mean that the Nupes will have a majority in the National Assembly. On the other hand, it is difficult for me to be like that in a context where we do not have a majority. »

The constituency is sociologically ranked on the right, but in 2012, for example, the second round was tight (50.99% for the right, against the PS / EE-LV alliance). Unlike other constituencies in Strasbourg, there is no center-left candidacy that could put candidate Nupes at a disadvantage by several votes.

For Sébastien Masa, the connection of the left is in his entourage, apart from the questions of the parties:

“My financial agent is from the Independent and Democratic Workers’ Party (POID), the campaign manager from the Communist Party, someone from EE-LV takes care of social networks … Apart from the parties, we know each other directly from the fighting. social. I was invested a little earlier than the other Nupes candidates, which gave me more time to start the campaign and organize the team. Which is not so bad in a difficult constituency. »

Sébastien Mas, originally from Cronenbourg, realizes that in Schiltighime it takes a while for things to be set up, as rebel France is not part of the green-pink-red majority in the town hall. However, he recently met with Mayor Danielle Dambach, “who is fighting for a balance of power in the real estate lobby.” He counts on the increased support of the Schilickois municipality for the home team.

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During a picnic with young activists from Nupes, Sébastien Mas took the opportunity to say that his candidacy also embodies a state of mind: “Jean-Luc Mélenchon often tells us, don’t pay attention. The worst measures will go away if we reduce vigilance. “He hopes that the second round will give him the opportunity to discuss directly with Bruno Studer:” School is an area where everything went wrong, we find ourselves dating to get teachers in 30 minutes, “he criticizes him, especially in front of his young supporters.

New head on the right

Can the right one go wrong in this former bastion? The lack of national dynamics is likely to weigh. The opponent in Strasbourg and the elected departmental Jean-Philippe Vetter resigned after a bad score by Valérie Pécresse. Constituency delegate Stéphane Bourhis also declined. The role therefore fell to Imène Sfaxi, completely new to “Les Républicains”. While in 2017 the fashion on the right was supposed to be presented as “compatible with Macronome”, this is not the axis of her campaign:

“I have a good reception when I say that I am from the right and from the middle and not with the majority. We are very disappointed with Emmanuel Macron. And questions. Is he on the right? From the left? What does he want to do with the concordat or local law …? »

Although she joined the LR less than a year ago, Imène Sfaxi was already a politician as a citizen. For years, he has been involved in Strasbourg as a pupil’s parent, and especially with the town hall in the matter of school canteens, as well as in the bodies of local democracy. What strikes her about this campaign is: “a total lack of interest in the role of the deputy when he has to control the government.”

By applying under the colors, LR wants to bring its specificity to issues of direct democracy. “Compared to other candidates, I have experience with what the residents’ idea is.” On school canteens, for example, an amendment to remove plastic trays left Strasbourg, which the presidential majority in the National Assembly rejected.

She joined the classic party after seeing the limits of non-politicized approaches:

“Civic movements have a future and I will support them because they combine different political sensitivities. But their internal functioning is not always more democratic than within the parties. »

Imène Sfaxi searched these so-called civic formations. She took part in the municipal elections in 2020 in a team of “engaged citizens” with Chantal Cutajar, a former local democracy assistant. Before leaving the adventure and ending on another list of “citizens” with Patrick Arbogast under the heading “Active Equality”. Chantal Cutajar, a candidate in many elections since 2000 (UDF list; Modem; PS list; unmarked), also runs in the same constituency. This time he represents the “Ecology at the Center” party of Jean-Marc Governatori, an unknown candidate in the environmentalist primary who did not accept the result. By presenting candidates in many constituencies, this party aims to raise public funds. Although Nupes candidates want to fight against the “communalization of voting” in these national elections, Strasbourg politics is a microcosm.

13 candidates in the 3rd Bas-Rhin constituency

1 – Mr Valentin PLICHON (Pirate Party)
2 – Ms Imene SFAXI (Republicans)
3 – Ms Virginia WETZEL (Stand up for France)
4 – Mr Sébastien MAS (Nupes – La France insoumise)
5 – Ms Cindy BERNHARDT (unmarked)
6 – Ms Joëlle GAUBERT (Reconquest)
7 – Stéphanie DÔ (National Rally)
8 – Ms Chantal CUTAJAR (21st title)
9 – Ms Denise GRANDMOUGIN (Labor struggle)
10 – Ms Capucine GAUTHERON (Our Land)
11 – Mr Hicham Hamza (unmarked)
12 – Mr Bruno STUDER (ensemble – Renaissance)
13 – Ms Patricia NOEL (Animal Party)

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