Exams on the College of African Unity (previously IAM): “Preliminary aim is 100% success”

A view of students in a composition room

More than 800 students from license classes 1, 2 and 3 of the University of African Unity (AU), a former African Institute of Management (IAM), began their second semester exam in Ouagadougou on Monday, June 6, 2022. “LThe initial goal is 100% success and it is possible “, they addressed the students with encouragement Chairman of the Board (PCA) of the Pan-African School, Dr Amed Moussa Diallo.

As is customary at this prestigious university, exams are a big event that will mobilize the entire administration during the week. The aligned students first received words of encouragement, disciplinary and medical instructions from the Board of Directors (PCA), Dr. Amed Moussa Diallo.

“You have to approach the exam in a focused way, because the primary goal is 100% success and it is possible. I hope that at the end of this test, each of you can move on to the next lesson, “Dr Amed Moussa Diallo told the students who answered” amen “. “That those who have to take the exam can have it, have a diploma and have a good job. So we count on you, with your seriousness, because you have proved it during the year, “added the AU PCA, without recalling that following the disciplinary guidelines and the examination regulations is not worth negotiating.

Chairman of the Board (PCA) of the University of African Unity (AU), Dr Amed Moussa Diallo

After this sequence, under the supervision of Pan-African University officials and wardens at the time, students in the choir deployed in the national colors and colors of their school and then invaded the composition rooms.

“If a student arrives late, he / she will lose some of his concentration,” Amed Diallo suggested, justifying his administration’s rigor with regard to the rules, especially accuracy, because “students must arrive on time to be in the exam.

For these exams, which count for the second semester of the academic year 2021-2022, there are a total of “808 students” License de 1D2e a 3e the year he makes up, said Amed Moussa Diallo.

Adèle Zio, a 2nd year law student

Amed Diallo said in response to his university’s intransigence about misconduct that “we at IAM train men, not graduates.” Therefore, whoever speaks of man, of value, speaks of rules that must be respected. “

“What we teach them here is to respect time in the first place. You see, there are some who are out who are not going to compose because they did not respect the rules, but they are clear “from the beginning, he continued to believe that these students must be there. an exam.

Students must “must wash their hands, especially against Covid-19, the vaccinated wear their badge, the unvaccinated are required to wear their hygienic mask. This allows the whole environment to feel safe, “he said, adding that” there are test rules where you must follow the guidelines of internal regulations, which state that you must not cheat, you must not look from left to right. “

Amadou Ouédraogo, 1st year student of finance and accounting

And because the IAM is strict on exam rules, it does not save resources to reassure its students. The university, which welcomes students from several nationalities, has provided them with three rooms where they can store their personal belongings before they join the assessment rooms. “There are rooms run by supervisors lined with camera bags for students who only compose with authorized material,” said the former IAM’s PCA.

He explained that this allows students to be in a “peaceful environment that helps the exam and guarantees equal opportunities for all.” “The fact that we compose on equal terms is good for students. This calms them down and allows them to sublimate, “he rejoiced.

Preparations for this review “were generally going well. We finished the course a few weeks before the exam. So we had time to prepare. It is true that we cannot be 100% ready, but for this morning, the main thing is done anyway. We will finish composing on Friday night, “said Adèle Zio, student 2e year of law.

Top view of AU students

For Amadou Ouédraogo, Bachelor 1 in Finance and Accounting, “we cannot say that we are 100% ready, but I can say that we have had enough time to prepare and I think that in terms of the exam, we have what needs to be provided. We just hope that, thanks to God, everything will turn out well. “

“As for the different rules of conduct to which we are subject, I can say that it is a good thing. It shapes us in professional and social life. And that’s, I think, a plus for us, “the finance student acknowledged and greeted.

After this test, the University of African Unity plans to organize a “graduation” on July 3, its progression to the second, third and master’s degrees at the Sports Palace in Ouaga 2000. “It will be a big celebration of the Crown in 2021-2022,” said Dr Amed Moussa Diallo.

By Bernard BOUGOUM

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