Chailland. Due to little robotic Buddy, Camille adopted for hours, as if she had been at school or quickly

In the classroom, along with the class students, Robot Buddy becomes Camille’s avatar during her absence. (© CDLM)

How do you keep your class when a student like Camille has to stay in bed for a few weeks? It’s possible for little Chaillandaise! Thanks to the little robot Buddy – or more precisely the IBA, as Camille likes to call it, in connection with the adults who work in the CP-CE1 class at the Sacré-Coeur school in Chailland: Isabelle, Brigitte and Angélique.

The IBA, installed in Camille’s office, offers the schoolgirl the opportunity to communicate with her class.

With a small rectangular head in the shape of a tablet, it allows an 8-year-old girl to watch the lesson as if she were there.

Camille can use a tablet to control a robot from her room, but above all she can write. This allows him to answer a mathematical problem, a dictation. From its height of 60 centimeters, the robot has various emotions that Camille can express depending on the situation, such as joy, laughter, questions, anger …

Brigitte Rosethe teacher

Brigitte Rose is her teacher, who accompanies the child to his home.

Brigitte Rose provides time to learn at Camille's home.
Brigitte Rose provides time to learn at Camille’s home. (© CDLM)

Break the insulation

Camille, who suffered from diastrophic dysplasia, underwent surgery at Necker Hospital in Paris, which forced her to stay in bed from early March.

I discovered this device in consultation with the Ministry of National Education. We met Camille’s parents long before the operation to offer them this support, the primary goal of which is to break the isolation of a child who has been absent for a long time for health reasons. Then I contacted DDEC 53 (diocesan leadership of Catholic education), which directed me to the services of Sapadhe 53 (home education support service).

Caroline Lepinayschool principal

Yannick Quillet, Assistant Diocesan Director in charge of 1ehm stresses that “this partnership has been established between the school, DDEC and Sapadhe”.

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It is a free system of national education that falls within the general objectives of the school. The education support service at home, hospital or school (Sapadhe) in Mayenne confirmed the request in anticipation of Camille’s absence for support in education through a robot at school, but also at Camille’s home, provided by her regular teachers.

Yannick QuilletAssistant diocesan director in charge of the 1st level management

DDEC then mobilized a digital team for the necessary installation to run the telepresence robot.

First time in Mayenne

These robots are new. The device is in the deployment phase throughout the country.

Buddy’s use at Chailland School is the first in Mayenne.

This telepresence system already exists, with a larger robot, for college and high school students.

Missing internet connection

In addition to facilitating learning for children such as Camille, whose medical condition does not allow them to attend school, the aim is to maintain a connection that, among other things, facilitates the return to class.

The physical presence of the robot is very important both for the students in the classroom and for the disabled child, who feels the encouragement of his friends.

Family and teachers agree that this is an “extraordinary” tool.

However, it has one major drawback: “Internet connection is often missing. »

This does not prevent Camille, for whom the presence of the school and especially its class is extremely important, from releasing very positive energy.

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