Candide Toé turned the title of Miss College of Burkina Faso in 2022

Final 20e The annual Miss University of Burkina Faso 2022 took place this Saturday, June 4, in Ouagadougou. It was Candide Toé who won the coronation in front of 21 other candidates.

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It was Candide Toé who was crowned Miss University Burkina in 2022. Student 3e year of accounting finance at the University of Aube Nouvelle, she won the public and the jury with her beauty and intelligence.

She left with a sum of 3,000,000 CFA francs, a car and a number of awards from various partners. For her coronation, she is a concretization and completion of all these efforts.

I am very happy. I worked a lot for it. When you work for something and it is realized, it is an inexplicable joy. I am determined to fight uncertainty. I convey my messages through communication campaigns so that I can create better cohesion between different ethnic groups. Thanks also to everyone who supported me from the beginning “Candide Toé indicated with joy.

The main news this year is the involvement of the public, which had a say in the selection of Miss through voting. At the level of the first round, the members of the jury and the public each represented 50%.

For the second round, the members of the jury had only 25% against 75% of the public vote. In the third round, the members of the jury had no say, because the vote was 100% public.

Miss and her dauphines

An innovation that is not a taste of a jury member

Decision of the organizing committee, which was not to the taste of a member of the jury. And they didn’t stop signing it. ” At first we were a little reluctant. Because we would like to be left to work until the end. But these are the criteria of the organizing committee, so we had to meet the requirements.

We didn’t even have a chance to judge the level. Our work was done when the missions came to their performances. Even though it’s 50% with the public, it could have passed, but pulling the carpet out from under us is a bit frustrating for us “Said Mariam Vanessa Touré, chairwoman of the jury.

Honoré Bambara, promoter of Miss Burkina University
Honoré Bambara, promoter of Miss Burkina University

In response to this question, Miss Universities Burkina promoter Honoré Bambara explained that this decision was taken in order to avoid various overcoils that could lead on both sides at the end of the results.

This year we have precisely applied the principle of choosing the Miss France competition. The Miss France competition is the oldest and most noble in Miss matters. But we also listened to the jury, we listened to the technical and financial partners. We are going to balance these two things to find an average that will satisfy everyone. “,” He said.

It should be noted that Viviane Kam was elected Miss Moov Africa 2022 and also took the place of 1st Vice Miss. She put 1,000,000 CFA francs in her pocket. The trio is completed by Topan Tatiana, who is 2e dolphin.

Flora KARAMBIRI and Aminata Catherine SANOU

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