BTS-OL remotely and alternately, flexibility and adaptability with ISO

The Higher Institute of Optics (ISO), which is always attentive to the needs and expectations of the optical market, is changing its training methods to acquire the optics and spectacle manufacturer BTS. Following the establishment of the Distance Class (FOAD) in September last year, distance education will see the light of day early next school year. Unprecedented, this one offers students linked courses in the morning so they can continue their business in the afternoon. This is good news for opticians who want to move forward, but also for opticians who prefer to recruit apprentices. Explanations.

Approximately fifteen students from all over France have been able to take first-year distance learning courses since the beginning of last school year to obtain the BTS optics and spectacles manufacturer. This new teaching method offered by ISO has been developed to meet the needs of people in reorientation or professional retraining, especially those who have difficulty going to a training center or are limited by family or professional responsibilities. Analysis Sylvain Vacher, teacher at ISO Nantes and distance learning: “Most of our students are retraining. They have a daily life that they have to manage, a family and they cannot leave their home. In addition, one of our students works as a self-employed person in the afternoon. »

Motivation and maturity, winning duo!

The teachers in this first series have confirmed this: distance students are particularly motivated, certainly mature, to master learning in this new form. “The class is very autonomous and voluntary. Students want to learn and show maturity regardless of their age, “analyzes Cyril Vidalin, ISO teacher at Nantes and Rennes. Thanks to digital tools specially developed for distance learning, as well as teachers trained in this pedagogical approach, students of this distance promotion make the most of ODL and benefit from quality teaching in interaction, support and knowledge sharing.

New in 2022, distance and work-study training

As the French optical country is constantly changing, ISO wanted to go even further and complement its offer with a solution adapted to all student profiles, but also compatible with the needs of recruiters. From the beginning of the academic year 2022, students will be able to take first-year courses remotely and on the basis of work studies. Throughout the territory, these future opticians will be trained four mornings a week and will be able to continue their activities in the store in the afternoon. This new formality therefore offers many benefits. For students who are learning near their home to eliminate travel fatigue, to earn income during training or to save on training costs. For recruitment opticians, it is a guarantee of recruiting undoubtedly more mature profiles and, above all, availability in stores every afternoon and Saturday. In other words, quality training is synonymous with flexibility for everyone.

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