basketball. The women from the College of Caen are champions of France!

Caennaises are French university champions! © DR

Anaëlle Dutat, Yaye Daba Sylla, Coumba Sow, Clara Soghomonian … In the final 4 of the French University Championship, which took place on Tuesday 31 May and Wednesday 1 June 2022 in Aix-en-Provence, the names of the basketball Caen were known. It was with a team made up of players from Mondeville, Ifs and Dover that the University of Caen (bringing together students from all sectors) became the champion of France. The Caennaises dominated Lyon in the semifinals (53:47), then the impressive Strasbourg team during the final match (67:66).

Caen, the big team

To get to Aix, you had to finish in first place in the Western Conference. Caen succeeded brilliantly. “This game has been played by most clubs in the region,” explains coach Marion Guillois, a professor at UFT STAPS. I have always had very competitive teams. The Normans, led by Julia Plouhinec and Lisa Cluzeau, who were deprived of their finals by physical worries, flew through the first phase of the season.

“Blameless” attitudes

The last four faced a completely different adversity. “It’s been very hot since the semifinals against Lyon,” says Marion Guillois, who celebrated Dover’s rise in National 3 a few days earlier. Since the girls don’t train together, it all depends on their individual qualities and how they read the game but no one gave up. “When she finally made it, the University of Caen was able to maintain its advantage. “Attitudes were blameless for the two days of the competition. »

The next day, representatives from SIG and Geispolsheim were on the Strasbourg team. However, the Caennaises entered into a meeting with a beating drum.

We entered the match incredibly hard and committed. We were almost twenty points ahead.

Crazy finals

Things got worse after a break that offered an unbreathable conclusion in the fever of Aix. “We have +3 and there are six seconds left.” They have the ball, they try three points, they make an air ball, but they get an offensive rebound. The player shoots for three points again … and here it goes! “However, a few seconds of hesitation will be replaced by the expected extension. Alsace had its foot on the line when shooting. A two-point basket is awarded. Marion Guillois did not lead.

Fortunately, we saw videos that prove that the line was well bitten. But we were very scared! It would definitely not pass in the extension.

Marion Guillois, a French university champion several years ago, is enjoying the moment. “It’s amazing for girls. Next year, Caen will represent France at the European Championships! I had the opportunity to know, it’s something special. »

MVP named Anaëlle Dutat

The Caennaises gave their coaches – at the club – a reason to fire them. The Lyons and Strasbourg were thus able to compare themselves with a phenomenon like Anaëlle Dutat, the object of all attention in Bouches-du-Rhône. The young girl, who is academically a year ahead, was the youngest at the meeting. In a few weeks, Mondeville will leave in a highly probable national doubles match: the French Under-18 Cup, the French Under-18 Championship, the French University Championship and the Women’s National Troika, which extends beyond the USOM.

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A team: Yaye Daba Sylla, Anaëlle Dutat, Lisa Cluzeau (Mondeville), Coumba Sow, Maroussia Droguet, Julie Plouhinec, Noémie Boyer, Teva Lemière (Ifs), Clara Soghomonian, Léane Clouvel-Urie, Laurine Busnel, Tina Guelle, La Charlotte, Eva ( Trust).

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