“All CAAPables” opens its gates

The center’s first partners include the Degage group and singer Sylvio Cicero. © MB / Rádio1

The Tous CAAPables Center of the eponymous association opened its gates this Friday, June 3, in Patutoa. Partnerships are multiplying for this new entity for people with autism spectrum disorders and their families.

Tous CAAPables, formed by Sébastien and Nathalie Rougé at the end of February, inaugurated its center on Friday 3 June above the Cheval d’or restaurant in Patutoa. From Monday, it will welcome families of children with autism spectrum disorders who are seeking care. Nathalie, an educator and graphotherapist, was already intervening at home thanks to the vehicle the association had acquired; can now receive at the Tous CAAPables Center. The premises have a geographical location chosen for the proximity of the school in Taimano, as explained by Sébastien Rougé, who should welcome the UEEA pilot class – for the Autism Elementary Teaching Unit – at the beginning of next school year. “We opened shortly before the end of the year so that the parents of autistic children could see the center opening,” where they can come and benefit from the support and care of specialists.

Multisensory room and education support

Families have a reserved space in this center, but they can also find a multisensory room there: sounds, light and sensations can be accessed independently using a wide variety of objects: sound balls, radio, lava lamp, various textures, etc. able to work in the presence of an adult for hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity.

And then there’s another room dedicated to private speakers that Nathalie and Sébastien work with. A psychologist and a psychotherapist can be consulted there. Meetings at the center will be provided by Nathalie Rougé herself, a teacher and graphotherapist.

Partnership with Degage: “first hand outstretched”

For Sébastien, this association is above all a “link between the various things that already exist” for autistic people in Polynesia, which is very important when we talk about autism spectrum disorders that are as diverse as imaginable and must be understood without a priori . This is the role of this association, which has several partnerships under construction with companies to support young adults with autism towards professional integration. “The Degage Group immediately formed a partnership explains Sebastian, by offering free tickets so that our teachers can accompany the children on the islands, but also with human support ”. The agreement is still being prepared, but the partnership should be on paper soon. The Degage Group has agreed to support the 22-year-old young man towards professional integration. “From Monday, I will present them with a CV and explain the difficulties of this young adult at the age of 22, and we may be considering joining part-time by the end of the year, we do not know yet. ». The key word is the discovery for everyone in this procession, which will be done “gently”, as Sébastien Rougé explains. “It’s the first hand outstretched, each case is individual.”

Tous CAAPable is available on Facebook and its new premises, which are an open day for affected families on Friday 3 June and Saturday 4 June.

Silvio Cicero Ambassador Tous CAAPables

This inauguration was an opportunity for Sébastien to hand over the keys to the center to his ambassador Sylvia Cicero. The singer and musician wanted to be present and accompany the association because he says he is “sensitive to this thing because he knows autistic people” to whom he is close.

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