Alassane Ouattara College in Bouaké: Andrédou Pierre Kablan, ethics researcher chosen by Cairn

Following his contribution to the French National Commission’s (CNFU) “Penser le transhumanisme” project, high-level research ethics by Andréda Pierre Kablan, a research researcher at Alassane Ouattara University, was selected by Cairn, a very prestigious international institution for disseminating the world’s best research. .

Andréda Pierre Kablan’s ethics article, published in the French journal Droit, Santé et Société, is part of Cairn’s selection of his May 2022 documentation on transhumanism, published on its platform and sent in 4,000 to non-French-speaking researchers in English and Spanish.

For ethics, humanity is approaching a dizzying turn in its history through transhumanism. Because this movement is based on the convergence of NBIC (nanotechnology, biotechnology, computer and cognitive sciences) and related techniques (robotics, genetic engineering, prosthetics and artificial intelligence (AI)) in order to increase human capacity and ultimately enable women and men to live abroad. human condition.

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However, transhumanist ideology is also controversial in terms of its risks of attacking the principles of human dignity and its implications for our ontological, cultural, humanistic, social and economic balance. To get out of the controversy, Andrédou Pierre Kablan begs for the urgency of a new ethical treaty. In fact, he thinks that in order to increase our powers to act against human nature, we need to reconcile the new responsibilities as formulated in the recommendations of his work for the French National Commission for UNESCO (CNFU).

It should be recalled that Andrédou Pierre Kablan is also a member of the permanent research team of the UNESCO Department of Bioethics, headed by Professor Lazare M. POAMÉ, a member of the Royal Academy of Belgium. The UNESCO Department of Bioethics has international expertise in developing normative tools for responding to the ethical issues of states and governments in various areas of development, including strategic selection of research and technological innovation, public health policies and environmental governance.

Read the complete documentation on the Cairn website.


  1. International competitiveness of Côte d’Ivoire universities

The development of Cairn’s international documentation sent by 4,000 non-French-speaking researchers from around the world with the work of ethicist André Pierre Pierre Kablan, selected from works published in the best French journals, strengthens the competitiveness of the quality of scientific research. who do at Alassane Ouattara University. All of our universities are recognized through this university.

2. Strengthening the performance levels of specific sectors of our development

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We can make the most of the technological innovations on which transhumanism is based in order to improve the level of performance of specific sectors of our development. For example, artificial intelligence (AI), which is at the heart of transhumanism, has a positive impact on all sectors, including health, education, security and the economy. His responsible approach must take the place of choice in our overall development strategy.

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