Adoption of legislation 32

The Minister for Higher Education, Ms Danielle McCann, is pleased to confirm that the National Assembly has passed Bill 32 on academic freedom in the university environment.

The adoption of this bill allows the government to define university academic freedom and identify its beneficiaries, to ensure that the institutions concerned adopt an exclusive policy aimed at recognition, enforcement and protection, which must provide certain elements, in particular the establishment of so-called awareness and information measures. Finally, the adoption of the bill makes it possible to ensure that these facilities are responsible for implementing this policy.

By adopting this bill, the government recognizes that the autonomy of higher education institutions and the academic freedom of higher education institutions are basic conditions for fulfilling the mission of higher education institutions. It also states that it is essential that these educational institutions provide quality education to members of their student community in an environment that facilitates learning, discussion and discussion.


“With the adoption of Law 32, Quebec is becoming a pioneer in the field of university academic freedom and the fight against self-censorship. Very specifically, thanks to this bill, it is possible to address all subjects and all words can be pronounced in an educational context. I hope that other jurisdictions will be inspired by our model, because we are not the only ones struggling with these issues. Universities have a role to play in providing quality education for their students and must provide an environment conducive to learning, discussion and discussion. Finally, I am very proud of the work done during the preparation of this law. We have improved it and clarified some elements without deviating from our common goal. This will protect academic freedom at all universities in Quebec. »

Danielle McCann, Secretary of State

“The Independent Scientific and Technical Commission for the Recognition of Academic Freedom on campus has brought up a much bigger problem than we thought, and our government has acted quickly. Today, we are adopting a strong bill that will ensure uniform protection of academic freedom throughout Quebec. The winner will be the entire university community. »

Émilie Foster, MNA for Charlevoix-Côte-de-Beaupré and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister for Higher Education

The most important:

  • This bill responds to all the recommendations of the Independent Scientific and Technical Commission for the Recognition of Academic Freedom in the University Environment (Cloutier Commission) and at the same time incorporates some of the opinions it has formulated.
  • It should be noted that the Commission was set up to follow up on one of the recommendations on academic freedom in the report L’Université québécoise du futur and after several incidents that call this freedom into question. In particular, the commission’s task was to draft government guidelines on academic freedom in the university environment and to identify the best means of ensuring its recognition.
  • Universities will have one year to develop, adopt and implement their policy.

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