3,110 younger Ukrainians on exams

It is not easy to find yourself in the 3rd grade of high school if you do not speak French, just a little English in addition to Ukrainian, whose alphabet is not very similar to ours. “He’s been there 15 days better since he found himself at DASPA,” explains Thomas, who welcomes the young unaccompanied minor sent to the west by the war in his home country.

Thomas lives in Thieulain, near Leuze-en-Hainaut, where Arthur is studying (at the Saint-Pierre training center). DASPA is a support system that a school can apply for as soon as it has eight newcomers. The purpose of this facility is, of course, to acquaint the student with the French language and our school system as quickly as possible. Currently, 871 Ukrainian students are educated in this way.

Arthur will undoubtedly make rapid progress. “At first we tried to communicate with him in English. Maybe we made a mistake, “admits Thomas,” and we should have spoken to him in French? I admit that it is a bit complicated to return to it … “

“Foster” still has questions. Will Arthur have to take the exams in June? “It is one of our priorities for next week. Honestly, I don’t know. And since I don’t want to be an annoying parent … “. Thomas notes that Arthur has already seen in Ukraine what he sees here in science and mathematics, and therefore thinks that Ukrainian education can be more advanced in these subjects.

The question of exams is slowly becoming crucial. When asked by Stéphanie Cortisse (MR), Education Minister Caroline Désir (PS) replied that 194 Ukrainian pupils were potentially affected by the CEB in Year 6. “Targeted communication was conducted for the schools concerned: it is up to the school jury to estimate whether the student has the capacity to complete it, and it remains sovereign to decide whether or not to pass the year and the retention of the pupil, resp. not in the 6th year. »

3,110 Ukrainian students

As we are in numbers, on May 20, 3,110 students from Ukraine were enrolled in our schools, 50% more than a month ago, although for the minister “the number continues to stabilize (…) According to the statistics of r. Ukrainians coming to Belgium, potentially 5,721 students could study in Wallonia and Brussels. »

In schools, 46.6% of pupils are enrolled in primary, 24.5% in kindergarten, 28.7% in secondary and 0.2% in specialized (6 pupils). 1,052 pupils are enrolled in schools in Brussels, 435 in Walloon Brabant, 477 in Hainaut, 427 in Liège, 352 in the province of Luxembourg and 365 in Namur. “I have no feedback on the difficulties associated with overburdening Ukrainian students that need to be absorbed,” says Caroline Désir.

How does he see the next school year? For example, at the 1st high school level. It is already difficult to find a place in schools, especially in Brussels, where most Ukrainians are educated? 53 Ukrainian pupils are educated at the 6th primary school in Brussels out of a total of 194 in the federation. Therefore, no significant impact on the first year enrollment process is expected. »

Distance lessons

The Minister states that the working group set up for the integration of Ukrainian pupils into the calculation of supervision at the beginning of the school year has not yet delivered its conclusions.

“On the issue of compulsory school attendance and preparation for the beginning of the new school year, my colleagues and representatives of the administration met with representatives of the Embassy of Ukraine,” the minister continues. “Several clarifications have been made, in particular as regards the status of Ukrainian distance education, which could be considered as a form of home education. Several issues still need to be resolved in the coming weeks. »

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